Buying your first home can be a very daunting task. With interest rates low and with present Government incentives attractive, it is a great time to get into your first home.

Be careful not to over commit yourself. The best thing to do is to start conservatively and work your way up. If you are purchasing on your own, make sure that you will have sufficient capital to be able to cope with interest rises. While the interest rates are low, it would be worth locking in for a few years.

Shop around - check not only the interest rates, but also the price of the loan set up and monthly account keeping fees. If you are buying with a partner and plan to one day have children, take into consideration living on one income. Other things to be considered are your annual rates and taxes, water bills, insurance, and also costs associated with maintenance of the property.

If you are building or purchasing a new home, do not forget to allow for landscaping, floor and window furnishings.

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